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Embrace the Future of Remote Video Production with BirdDog Cloud, our groundbreaking platform designed to transform and elevate your creativity. Orchestrating your NDI, SRT, and SDI content becomes a breeze, all thanks to its comprehensive Dashboard Control Center—offering a birds-eye view of your cloud-enabled ecosystem. Catering to content creators, video producers, and extensive production teams, its intuitive and user-friendly platform ensures your content is distributed efficiently and securely. BirdDog Cloud is more than just a tool—it embodies the next frontier in video production.

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Skyward Soar with BirdDog 10!

BirdDog Cloud has a new update and a load of cool features. Be sure to watch the update and demo!

AV1 Transcoding.

Embrace the future of video encoding with the introduction of AV1 support in BirdDog Cloud version 10. AV1 offers superior compression efficiency without compromising visual quality. By adopting AV1 transcoding, BirdDog Cloud users benefit from reduced bandwidth requirements, making it ideal for streaming high-quality video over various network conditions.

This feature sets a new standard for video compression technology, providing a future-proof solution that ensures your content looks exceptional while optimizing network resources. 

FFmpeg 6.

We’ve integrated the latest version of FFmpeg, version 6. FFmpeg 6 brings enhanced codec support, improved encoding options, and increased efficiency to the BirdDog Cloud platform. Users can expect superior performance, expanded compatibility, and access to the latest advancements in media processing technology. Whether working with diverse video formats or pushing the boundaries of encoding, FFmpeg 6 ensures that BirdDog Cloud remains at the forefront of innovation, providing a robust and versatile solution for all your media processing needs. 

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NDI® Screen Capture KVM.

Take control of your production workflow like never before by introducing NDI Screen Capture KVM support in BirdDog Cloud version 10. This feature enables seamless Keyboard, Video, and Mouse (KVM) control from one site to another, allowing users to manage their production ecosystems remotely. Whether across the room or on the other side of the world, BirdDog Cloud empowers you to control your production setup as if you were physically present. The NDI Screen capture KVM feature enhances collaboration and efficiency, providing a flexible and intuitive solution for managing your production resources remotely. 

Adobe Plugin.

BirdDog Cloud version 10 introduces revolutionary integration with our Adobe Mercury Transmit plug-in, transforming how you work with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. You can seamlessly stream high-quality program outputs and timelines directly through BirdDog Cloud. This integration extends to our Cloud Connect Suite of apps, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices, including iOS, Android, Apple TV, Android TV, Samsung Tizen, web browsers, and Cloud Endpoints. The Adobe Plug-In support opens new creative possibilities, allowing you to share your content across different platforms and devices effortlessly. 

ProRes Recording (Mac Only).

Exclusive to Mac users, BirdDog Cloud version 10 introduces ProRes Recording capabilities for Mac silicon Cloud Endpoints. This feature is designed to cater specifically to the needs of post-production edit teams, ensuring that recordings maintain the highest quality possible. By supporting ProRes recording, BirdDog Cloud provides Mac users with a seamless and efficient solution for capturing content that meets the demanding standards of professional video editing workflows.  

Virtual Connectors | Cloud Connect Broadcast SRT Ingest

Unlock new possibilities for content distribution with the introduction of Cloud Connect Broadcast SRT Ingest in BirdDog Cloud version 10. This feature enables seamless SRT ingest through Cloud Connect, facilitating direct streams to Dolby.IO. Now, you can effortlessly reach broader audiences and production teams with live and real-time high-quality video and audio experiences. The Cloud Connect Broadcast SRT Ingest feature represents a powerful tool for one-to-many content distribution, providing a streamlined and efficient solution for reaching your audience wherever they are. 

Companion Module.

Introducing the BirdDog Cloud Bitfocus Companion module, a comprehensive tool to streamline your control and management experience. This module offers seamless control of Cloud Endpoints, Cloud DX, Cloud Recorder, and Cloud Encoder. Gain real-time feedback on connection and endpoint status, allowing you to monitor and manage your production resources confidently. The Companion Module also supports Cloud Presenter Control, enabling direct switches between Picture and Picture, Full-Screen Video sources, and on-the-fly selection of audio devices. This feature-rich module elevates your production capabilities, providing a powerful, user-friendly solution for managing your BirdDog Cloud ecosystem. 

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