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Adobe Plugin

The Adobe Plugin allows Adobe Creative Cloud users to directly connect to BirdDog Cloud Connect series of iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android Mobile, and Android TV apps without having to leave the Adobe Interface.

Collaborate around the corner, across the globe.

Edits require more flexibility – flexible office hours, remote employees, and international collaborations all take their toll on either creativity or deadlines, both in Post Production. Bring anyone on the planet into an edit live as it’s happening with an intuitive and inclusive experience using BirdDog Cloud for Adobe. Built right into the Adobe experience, the native Premiere and After Effects panel lets you teleport everything in the edit suite anywhere in the world. Add to this a groundbreaking direct-to-cloud output from the Adobe timeline – BirdDog Cloud for Adobe brings Edit sessions to the global stage.

Streamline Collaboration:

Adobe Premiere with BirdDog Cloud.

From screenings to client sessions;
Features to commercials.

BirdDog Cloud has you covered.

Regardless of the job at hand, BirdDog Cloud for Adobe smooths out the process from storyboard to grading. Never leave anything to chance, forget dealing with last-minute creative ‘input’, anyone who needs a say in the edit process can be there, ‘live’ in real-time, from anywhere.

Immerse yourself in a truly interactive screenings and natural, real-time client collaborations that save time and frustration, ensuring your final edit will be the most creative possible.

Whether your screening is within your facility, on a Producers laptop, Directors TV, or clients Web browser – get instant feedback as and when you need it.

Videoconferencing meets immersive creativity.

Built into Adobe Premiere and After Effects is a videoconferencing system like no other. With BirdDog Cloud for Adobe, see your client directly above your timeline, spitball ideas, audition cuts and settle on the best storytelling outcome all without leaving the Adobe suite or losing focus.

On the other end of the call, your Client, Producer or Director has the box seat. They can easily switch between viewing the timeline, confidence monitor, or even a camera in the edit suite. There is even mixing abilities to split-screen any views and see everything that is going on.

Editors work at the speed of their creativity with no need to stop and explain what they are doing. When the time comes to take charge, they can select the desired output that your client sees remotely.

It’s as simple as it is amazing.

Easy to use.

An experience built for editors.

The biggest interruption to creativity is interruptions. From the outset BirdDog Cloud for Adobe was built to be part of the process rather than an add-on.

As an editor, you call the shots, simply open your project and press GO LIVE when you are ready, you know when you are broadcasting and have peace of mind that your session can be locked down with encryption and access PIN numbers keeping prying eyes out, and collaborative input front and centre.

Easily turn your remote viewers camera on so you can see their reactions to what you are doing, as you are doing it. It’s like having the best videoconferencing system built in your creative tool.

A view like no other for collaborators.

As a Client, Producer, or Director – simply connect to the live edit session and be instantly teleported to the edit suite. Want to cast your eyes on the timeline while an edit is being assembled? Press a button and you have it. Want a full screen output of the Final Cut? Instantly switch to it. Want to speak face to face to the editor to convey emotion? Done.


Built on BirdDog Cloud, the global real-time interactive video processing platform, BirdDog Cloud for Adobe is as at home on a single edit suite in your den as it is a core part of a Post Facility tech stack. Access packages are available for 1 edit suite through to enterprise-level site licenses.

Built on strong footings of some of the most reliable infrastructure you can be confident that whatever your next creative project requires – you can deliver it.


Imagine your client’s delight when they log in to their remote edit and see their logo on the screen, with their corporate colours and branding – presented as a bespoke platform building trust, value and return business.

Secure 1:1 cone of silence, or broadcast to the world.

Different edits require different types of collaboration. With end-to-end encryption and the peace of mind of a 1:1 secure session, you know there will never be any unwanted prying eyes. Client screenings can sometimes be hard to schedule, getting the best Producers and Directors to travel to location in uncertain times can often be challenging or costly. BirdDog Cloud for Adobe can open up the ‘wow’ of broadcast, allowing anyone to experience the creative process in real-time, securely.

World-class technology hidden in plain sight.

BirdDog Cloud for Adobe sessions can be accessed on any current internet browser and on any current device without the need to install a multitude of applications. You are always a click away of from the edit suite.

With support for Apple TV, Samsung Tizen and Android TV apps, BirdDog Cloud allows big-screen, armchair experiences, with control from your TV remote.

iPadOS and Android Tablet apps provide on-the-go interactivity with touch screen convenience.

iOS and Android apps allow anyone to quickly jump in and assist in creative decisions.

BirdDog PLAY is a low cost, NDI set-top box that can connect any edit session directly to your TV.

BirdDog Cloud for Adobe is a universal creative and communication tool that can be accessed anywhere on any device, on any network.

World-class technology hidden in plain sight.

The heritage of BirdDog Cloud for Adobe lies in broadcast television. Providing reliable, high quality, low latency, secure connectivity between locations for on-air purposes. BirdDog Cloud for Adobe uses Cloud Connect the groundbreaking audio and video transport protocol that BirdDog built from the ground up.

It seamlessly combines true bi-directional communication and control with the most IT network friendly policies available.

Upsize to Cloud.

Supercharge your content distribution with BirdDog Cloud Enterprise – including multi views, multi-campus connectivity, recording and media publishing.

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