Cloud Core Endpoint 9.6 Update

Embrace the Future of Remote Video Production with BirdDog Cloud, our groundbreaking platform designed to transform and elevate your creativity. Orchestrating your NDI, SRT, and SDI content becomes a breeze, all thanks to its comprehensive Dashboard Control Center—offering a birds-eye view of your cloud-enabled ecosystem. Catering to content creators, video producers, and extensive production teams, its intuitive and user-friendly platform ensures your content is distributed efficiently and securely. BirdDog Cloud is more than just a tool—it embodies the next frontier in video production. Your vision, enhanced by the Cloud. 

Sky's the Limit!

BirdDog Cloud has a new update and a load of new features and BirdDog Cloud Product Specialist Jake Fineman is here to inform you of all of them.

Connection Templates.

Connection Templates are a ground-breaking innovation that redefines how site-to-site connections are managed. Users can save, load, and configure connections on a template basis, bringing efficiency and consistency to the forefront of remote video production. This enhancement empowers users to focus on what truly matters – their creativity. Connection Templates create a more efficient and productive environment, fostering collaboration and innovation and setting a new standard in connection management.

SRT File Transfer.

BirdDog Cloud SRT File Transfer represents a leap forward in media sharing and collaboration. This feature enables effortless media transfer between Cloud Endpoints, opening new avenues for collaboration and making sharing media files more fluid and efficient. Users can easily share all recorded content between sites, making collaboration and distribution more accessible. It enhances sharing capabilities within a production ecosystem, fostering a more connected and efficient content creation environment. 

Cloud Recording Module.

The Cloud Recording Module is a transformative addition to the platform, redefining content recording with flexibility and control. It supports recording editable growing NDI® MOV files in Premiere. It enables teams to edit live content as it’s happening. It bridges the gap between action and live editing, making it an essential tool for modern content creators. It transforms how users manage their production ecosystem, enabling the effortless recording of NDI® streams at any location, adding efficiency and innovation to the production process, and enabling more precise content recording, management, and accessibility. 

Connection Matrix.

The BirdDog Cloud Connection Matrix transforms how connections are managed within the production environment. It simplifies creating site-to-site connections by enabling quick connections between endpoints through a matrix routing table. The connection process makes the workflow smoother and more intuitive. Bringing a unified approach to connection management enhances collaboration and ease of use across the production ecosystem. 

Playback Queue Size.

The Playback Queue Size function ensures a smooth and reliable experience like never before. Set a targeted number of frames to smooth out irregularities during transmission, providing peace of mind and confidence in the streaming quality. Adding robustness to the cloud-based remote studio environment ensures a more consistent, high-quality production experience that adapts to various streaming needs. The Playback Queue Size is a transformative solution that redefines what’s possible in streaming, paving the way for a future where quality and reliability are the norm.

Update NVENC Parameters.

The updated NVENC parameters in BirdDog Cloud’s 9.6 release mark a significant enhancement in stream transcoding, offering a level of control and customization that sets a new industry standard. Users can now fine-tune their transcoding settings, balancing the quality and latency expected for their streams. The updated NVENC parameters are transformative in redefining what’s possible in stream transcoding and opening new horizons in quality, creativity, and customization.

BirdUI Connection.

The BirdUI Connection represents a remarkable advancement in remote control and management, enabling flexibility and adaptability that redefines what’s possible in modern production. The ability to directly control BirdDog gear across locations brings excellence globally. The remote configuration of cameras and converters introduces a new dimension of control, making device management a seamless experience. Enhancing remote control capabilities within the production ecosystem allows for more agile and responsive remote management, catering to the evolving needs of modern production. 

Dante Audio.

Dante Audio support in BirdDog Cloud represents a ground-breaking advancement in the audio world. It ensures smooth and reliable transmission and reception of Dante Audio in a Cloud-based remote production ecosystem. This unprecedented flexibility and control takes audio management to the next level, opening new audio and video integration possibilities. Enriching the audio capabilities within the production ecosystem allows for more multifaceted and creative audio management, catering to various production scenarios. Support for Dante Audio in BirdDog Cloud is a transformative solution that redefines what’s possible in remote production, paving the way for a future where quality, creativity, and reliability are the standard.

Multi GPU Encode & Decode.

Multi GPU support is a cutting-edge innovation that redefines the boundaries of performance and customization in remote production. This feature provides unprecedented control over the streaming process by allowing users to select their desired GPUs for encoding and decoding. It enables the creation of ultimate cloud-based or on-prem remote production environments with limitless possibilities. This enables more extraordinary projects and future-proofing production capabilities, paving the way for new dimensions of remote production.