Any device.

(well, almost any device)

To the Cloud.

Connect and drive Cloud 3.0 from almost any device with support for Apple iOS, Apple TV, Android TV, Apple iOS, Android, Samsung Tizen, Windows, MacOS, and BirdDog PLAY.


Cloud Connect integrates the amazing features of NDI® 5 including high bandwidth NDI®, NDI® HX2, NDI® HX3, NDI® Remote, and NDI® Bridge.

Learn more about all the amazing features of NDI® 5.

Remote Editing.
Editors can output Avid or Adobe timelines in NDI using the free plugins. Producers, Directors, and anyone needing to monitor can view and collaborate. In realtime.
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Remote Monitoring.
Monitor all your productions and video feeds from anywhere in the world. Set up a Multiview and watch it on your giant TV using BirdDog PLAY or your favourite mobile device.

Remote Production.
Globally connected productions made easy. Control any production from anywhere in the world across the public internet with full PTZ control, Tally, and Talkback.

2 Frame Latency. We’ve gone to Plaid.
In as little as 2 frames from source to screen, Cloud Connect provides the fastest connection to your live production or editorial workflow.